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Corsets with Different Lacing Options!

February 26 2022

Corsets with Different Lacing Options!

Corsets with Different Lacing Options!

If you check out some of the famous movies such as Titanic, you must have always noticed the corsets with back lacing. Also, even when you search for corsets in online stores, you will find the back lacing corsets most commonly. 

So, does that mean corsets come only with the feature of back lacing? 

Actually, corsets can come in different lacing options. Though you may not find them most often, you should know about them so that you can get them as and when you require them.

The Back Lacing:

The back lacing corsets are the most common ones as stated above. When you are wearing a corset, the ideal reason is to cinch your waist. But also there are some women who wear the corset for the purpose of cinching the waist area as well as the abdomen area. So, when the lacing is at the back of the corset, these women can comfortably flaunt the small-sized waist and the flat tummy that they have. Also, as the back area of any women is generally straight and without any disruptions, it gets easier to tighten the laces in the case of waist training. 

The only problem with the back lacing is that it can get really hard for a woman to lace the corset alone. Though it is not impossible, it will take up a lot of time in practicing back lacing. In the meanwhile, you will require someone who can tighten the laces of the corset at your back.


The Front Lacing:

For women who do not have any help available for the back lacing can definitely go for the front lacing option. Though the front lacing corset is not very much commonly available, it is also not very difficult to find. 

Apart from the benefit of ease of lacing the corset at the front, another benefit is that you can create different knots at the front if you are wearing the corset over your attire. 

Along with these two benefits, there are also a few demerits that you may have to tackle while you are wearing a front lacing corset. 

  • If you are wearing the front lacing corset under your dress, the laces at the front may show up in some of the dress that may not look good at all.
  • When you tighten the laces at the front too hard, it can hurt your organs such as your liver, stomach, and others.

The Side Lacing:

There are many such corsets also that comes up with the option of side lacing. These corsets have laces running from the hips to the underbust at both sides in place of the back or the front side. Such corsets are for those individuals who do not actually wish to waist train but wish to acquire the hourglass shape instantly. Moreover, you can say that these corsets are more suitable for those women who already have a smaller waist but they do not have an hourglass figure. 

Some corsets are already made in the shape of an hourglass and you can see the shape when you lace the sides in such a way that the edges close. So, when you wear them, you get a perfect hourglass shape, provided you have a slim waist of your own. 

While this type of corset can offer you a significant hourglass figure, there are some hindrances in this type too. 

  • One of the biggest problems is that you will require a lot of practice in fastening the laces at your sides. You can have a much convenient experience if you have someone to help you with this.
  • Another problem that you can come up with is that it is quite a time taking. While in the case of a back lacing corset or a front lacing corset, there is just a single lacing, in the side lacing option, you have to lace two times for both sides.

Hip Ties:

While we are discussing lacing, how can we miss out on the hip ties. These are usual corsets with 12 to 15 grommets of lacing on both sides at the hip area. Though many women might get such corset for the purpose of creating some sensual moments, these are also beneficial for different purposes too. 

  • If you have a different body type such as with a wider rib cage and you wish to get a conical shape, you can get a conical waist training corset with the hip ties so that you can feel comfortable wearing them.
  • Also, such corsets are great for women with health conditions or situations such as maternity, some orthopaedic conditions, or so on. 

You can find out different corset options today so that you can get one as per your choice. You can choose from different categories among which one is that of lacing. Select the right kind of lacing to waist train in the most comfortable way.



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