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From Reel to Real: Embracing Bollywood Corset Trends in Your Wardrobe

November 06 2023

From Reel to Real: Embracing Bollywood Corset Trends in Your Wardrobe

From Reel to Real: Embracing Bollywood Corset Trends in Your Wardrobe

When it comes to corsets, they have probably been one of the most controversial yet popular pieces of clothing in the fashion industry. While not so much in the past, these amazing waist training corset designs are surely getting a lot of popularity as they are being revived for the newest fashion industry.

What we can gather from all the fashionistas and magazines, this amazing bedroom-appropriate garment has clearly made its way out of the bedroom and is now amongst us in the broad daylight. To be honest, the waist reducing corset trend has been a pretty risky move when we are talking about the fashion sense. There are so many options these days such as corset tops, dresses, bustiers, and so much more.

The Much Needed Revival of Corsets

During the spring of 2020, the fashion world witnessed a remarkable transformation as renowned luxury design houses like Vera Wang, Dion Lee, Charlotte Knowles, Ermanno Scervino, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, and Tom Ford boldly featured models strutting down the runways adorned in an array of satin, lace, mesh, and leather corsets. This unexpected revival of the corset signaled a departure from its historical reputation and ushered in a new era of fashion.

Historically, corsets had earned a notorious reputation for their association with pain and discomfort, evoking images of medieval torture devices used to forcibly shape women's bodies. However, the modern-day corset has undergone a radical metamorphosis. Far from being instruments of suffering, these contemporary corsets have transitioned into effortless, ready-to-wear styles that exude charm, romance, and subtlety.

The modern corset tops stand as a testament to this evolution. Surprisingly versatile, it offers a multitude of options for wear, whether one chooses to reserve it for intimate moments in the bedroom or to boldly don it for a lively girls' night out.

The versatility of the corset tops and corset dresses extends to styling, inviting fashion enthusiasts to explore numerous creative possibilities and seamlessly incorporate this trend into their personal style repertoire. This resurgence has not only breathed new life into a once-maligned garment but has also redefined it as a symbol of empowerment and self-expression in the realm of contemporary fashion.

The Entry of Corsets Into Bollywood

Did you know that the steel boned corset designs have actually made their way into Bollywood now? Yes, you heard it right, people. Most of the Bollywood celebrities are on their way to adorn new looks with this amazing garment. So, let us have a look at some of these gorgeous Bollywood actors corsets and see which one seems to be the best.

  1. The Faux Corset Dress Style: Katrina Kaif

In case you are not totally sure about the corset in India trend, there is no doubt that the look sported by Katrina Kaif for a certain promotional event will surely change your mind. Donning a gorgeous dress by Rasario, the actress definitely looked like a Goddess in the amazing faux corset which wasn’t exactly sheer and had a pretty gorgeous nude lining right on the inside. Now the bottom half of the dress was just a simple pencil skirt which was pretty classic to begin with. One thing that you can learn the look is that the combination of modern and classic comes in very handy when you are experimenting with Bollywood corset trends.

  1. Pantsuit and a Corset: Sonakshi Sinha

Talk about the perfect mixture of powerful and sexy, we have Sonakshi Sinha with her amazing corset look. For this, she wore a sexy pantsuit and had a satin overbust corset top that had an amazing sweetheart neckline. The look become complete with poker-straight hair. Not to mention that the entire look was completely sharp and styled to perfection.

Apart from the look, she also had some layered necklaces to compliment the style, which was definitely a great option. Whether you are trying to find a lace corset top or a satin one like Sonakshi, make sure that you try the pantsuit thing if you want to hop into the trend in the best way. Giving a little sneak peek of the corset beneath all the sexiness is simply too hard to pass up.

  1. Street Chic With a Corset: Radhika Madan

When though corsets and waist cinchers are more likely the traditional option, it doesn’t mean that one cannot put a more casual twist to the whole thing. That is exactly what Radhika Madan did with her corset look. There was a play with the textures as she donned an amazing leather corset top and paired it with yes…denim!!!

Talk about the Inside Out theme, she really went there. The jeans also had an inside out pocket to fit with the theme. This goes on to prove a really well-tested out theory that if you really want to make sure that a garment is styled down a bit and seems more casual, pairing it up with denim is the best way to do so. And she definitely wasn’t wrong with the choice.

  1. The Whimsical Corset: Sonam Kapoor

Who do we know as the OG Fashionista in Bollywood? Well, it would be no one other than Sonam Kapoor. This amazing actress proved our point when she went for an amazing mix of dreamy and sexy with the Rosie Assouline dress that she wore for an event. Now what was so special about that dress, one might ask. Well, the dress actually included an amazing black mesh corset top that had a more of a paper bag waist feel to it. The look was completed with a midi skirt in the bottom.

It was simply a blessing to see her balance all the silhouettes by keeping the flowing skirt and fitting top in the best way. She could’ve also added a sexy corset belt to it but we are not complaining either way. What we absolutely loved about this style was the amazing risqué look that she was going for. On top of that, Sonam also had a metal chain necklace, smoky eyes, drop diamond earrings, and some curls in her hair to completely go with the romantic and dreamy look.

So, there you go people. This is how the Bollywood celebrities managed to embrace the corset trend in India. From an Underbust corset to a longline one, you can choose from a variety of options to make a look more fashionable and comfortable. If you are on the lookout for some options, Bunny Corset India has some amazing designs that you would like for sure.

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