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Is Wearing a Corset Unhealthy? 5 Waist Training Health Myths

August 27 2022

Is Wearing a Corset Unhealthy? 5 Waist Training Health Myths

Is Wearing a Corset Unhealthy? 5 Waist Training Health Myths

Urban legends and myths aren't just about fictional animals and ghosts. There are some corset-related myths as well. We all know that corsetry has been around us for a long time. Corsets were one of the most common clothing items during the Victorian era. Since corsets have been around for a long time, some commonly-held beliefs about them stem from past suggestions. Since people didn't know much about the science behind corsets and waist reduction, many issues and ailments were blamed on corsets. In turn, some swindlers made a decent amount of money by selling corsets that were 'healthy' and claimed that these would stop all the negative side effects. 

There aren't many differences between these healthy and regular corsets. Also, the women from the Victorian era's misconception have been long busted. However, there are still some common myths that remain. So, in this article, we will talk about the myths related to waist training corsets. If you want a clear idea of what corsets do and their functions, read this article. 

Myth 1: Corsets Can Damage Your Internal Organs 

One of the most common misconceptions about corsets is that they tend to damage your internal organs. To be honest, corsets can compress the internal organs in the body. But these organs are also compressed when you bend, lean, sit, etc. The organs in the female body are equipped to shift. Also, any shifting that takes place when you wear an Underbust or an overbust corset is minor. This doesn't necessarily damage the organs, for sure. So, this is a myth regarding the corset. 

One of the things to keep in mind about corsets is that while wearing them, you might feel that your appetite is a bit suppressed. Certain carbonated beverages, such as soda and beer, can be uncomfortable when laced up with a corset. You can avoid drinking any beverages while wearing a corset, and you are all set. 

Myth 2: Corsets Can Limit Your Breathing

This is another common myth related to overbust and Underbust corsets for women. The truth is that the corsets should be according to your size and be cinched properly. If you feel lightheaded or short of breath, you can take the corset off and check the cinching properly. Make sure you don't wear the corset until you feel normal. 

You can ask your friend to check the lacing to make sure that the corset is comfortable for you. There are important things that you need to keep in mind about the lacing and cinching the corset. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to exercise in a corset. You might be out of breath, but that is not due to the corset but the heavy exercise routine. 

Myth 3: Corsets Can Reshape Your Lungs 

Most people also believe that corsets tend to reshape your lungs. That is far from the truth. Instead, if you are wearing a corset, it will help in shaping the fleshy section of the abdomen. Corsets can also help in correcting bad posture problems in people. Not to mention that these corsets are extremely good for waist training and will provide you with the best hourglass shape. 

Most people also believed that some Victorian women would faint easily because of corsets. This just sounds ridiculous and is not true. They believed that corsets would shape a person's lungs into a cylinder, making them more prone to fainting. The actual truth is that there is no evidence proving this fact. 

Myth 4: Corsets Can Make Your Muscles Weak 

Are you looking forward to buying a waist trainer, and someone bursts your excitement by saying that corsets can weaken your muscles? Well, go ahead and trash that myth for sure. A common myth about the corset is that people often depend on the corset support, thus weakening their back muscles. But in reality, the opposite of this statement is true. The corset plays a very important role in strengthening the back muscles. When wearing a corset, you will be forced to stand or sit in an upright position. 

Since your body is not used to that position, you might feel soreness and pain afterward. But with time, you will see the changes reflected in your body when your posture problems are gone. Wearing a corset awakens some of the back muscles in your body that you haven't been using before. If you feel some kind of strain in your back muscles, doing some simple yoga poses and stretches daily is a good idea. You also need to make sure that you are wearing your corset for a limited amount of time. The body needs some time to adjust to the posture, so a little effort is required. 

Myth 5: Corsets Can Cause Skin Infections

Some might say that wearing a tight corset can create skin infections because it is a tight-fitting garment. However, that is not the case if you are hygienically going through the waist training routine. You need to make sure that you clean the corsets, again and again, to keep the germs away. Also, you need to hand-wash the corset to make it even more hygienic. 


The myths about corsets are pretty common, even today. However, this article will help in clearing any doubts or confusion that you have about the corsets. The truth is that you can wear different corsets, and there is no harm to your body. If you truly want to wear a corset that gives you hourglass curves, you can check out the best designs from Bunny Corset. 


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