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Say Hello To The Corset Belt You NEED To Own This Season

August 04 2023

Say Hello To The Corset Belt You NEED To Own This Season

Say Hello To The Corset Belt You NEED To Own This Season

The trend of corsetry has been noticed not just in Hollywood but also in Bollywood now.  While famous designers such as David Koma, Moschino, and Alexander McQueen are transforming the corset world with their modern styles and designs, Bollywood celebrities such Janhvi Kapoor and Ananya Pandey are noticed following these designers closely. One can notice how these young Bollywood Divas are liking the corset belt designs created by the above-mentioned designers.  

Also, in addition to the international designers, Indian designers such as Manish Malhotra are adding up to the league with their designer corsets.  

Corsets - Then and Now

Corsetry was introduced to society in the 15th century and it stayed till the end of the Edwardian Era. Now there is a major question to answer why the trend of waist training corset has returned when it was demolished way back by society?  

One of the major differences is that earlier it was mandatory for the women to wear a corset to maintain their figure. But today the story is different. First of all, there are no restrictions imposed on women today regarding corsetry, and also the modern-day belly trainer corset options are comparatively much more comfortable and flexible.  

Also, the designs and styles of these corsets were limited during the corsetry era. Today, corset fashion is emerging and you can explore various options such as a corset with skirt, or similar many other styles.  

Diverse Designs and Options

A corset will definitely bring out results if you are wearing it in the right way. Choosing the right piece and wearing it with the right attire not just helps you in achieving the results but also offers you a great look.  

Apart from the usual corsets, you can choose from different options such as a corset top that you can match up with a skirt or jeans. Similarly, you can even check out different corset dress options if you wish to stay light as well as want to train your waist.  

Moreover, the concept of wearing a corset as an undergarment has been replaced by the idea of flaunting your corset as fashion wears. There are different options such as a leather corset, a long lace corset, and many others that you can wear and flaunt well to be the one to grab attention.  


Corset Belt for This Season

Corset Belt

Whether you wish to style up in a western attire or an ethnic one, today the market for corsets is huge and diverse. You can choose from absolutely conventional options such as the steampunk corset belt or a modern one such as a leather corset belt.  

A belt or an underbust corset is perfect for those who wish to achieve a smaller waist for their dresses but at the same time do not wish to flaunt their corsets. You can wear it as an undergarment and can wear your favourite dress so that no one can notice that you are wearing a corset to achieve a figure that is visible. Of course, today several women wear such underbust pieces over the clothes too to flaunt their waist training process. So, the choice is always yours in this current era.  

Bridal fashion is also not untouched by the corsetry trend. Whether you are about to wear an extravagant lehenga or a gorgeous wedding gown, choosing the right overbust corset not just helps you in looking the best for also offers support to your spine.  

Corset Belts are known to be reducing waist size as well as supporting the hip area. Also, it offers support to the spine and corrects your posture. Regular wearing of corsets not just corrects your waist size but also helps in weight reduction. Luckily, modern-day corsets are not as restrictive as the old-age pieces. Also, these corsets are available in diverse designs and styles so that you can even flaunt them if you wish to.  

Now, while choosing the right corset, it is also essential to choose the right place for it. You should pick up a place that not just offers different designs but also diversity in different categories such as styles, fabrics, designs, and others. Checking out options at Bunny Corset helps you choose from an endless collection and also lets you customize your own corset belt according to your requirements. 


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