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Should You Wear Corset Over and Under Your Dress?

December 31 2021

Should You Wear Corset Over and Under Your Dress?

Should You Wear Corset Over and Under Your Dress?

When you think of starting waist training, one of the thoughts that may come to you is wearing it correctly. Many people find it appropriate to go for stealthing, while many women confidently carry the corset over their attires.

If you are new to corsetry, you may get confused often about which is the right way to wear the corset. Wearing the corsets, whether under or over your dress, can depend upon several factors. Check out these factors so that you can decide upon wearing the corsets in the right way.

The Professional Look:

If you are a regular office-goer and wish to continue your waist training, the ideal way is to hide your corset under your formal attire. There are so many ways how you can do stealthing in your formal attire. Follow some of these amazing ideas.


  • Wear a mesh underbust corset to wear a proper formal shirt over it and continue your whole work without any break.
  • You can also wear an overbust cotton corset over which you can wear a blazer along with your skirt or a trouser.

If your office place is not so much concerned about wearing formal attire, you can also put your overbust corset over your shirt so that you can adjust the laces conveniently. At Bunny Corset, you can get several such options for stealthing with your office attire or to wear over your formals.

Be in Your Comfort Zone:

Some women wish to be in their comfort zone and are not much bold in their fashion statements. For them, wearing corsets over their dresses can be a difficult thing. So, there is no necessity to expose the corsets if you are not comfortable doing so. You can wear your corsets under your dresses, t-shirts, and many other attires as per your wish. The only thing is that you should make the right selection to stay comfortable in your corsets.

Stealthing at Different Options:

There are many times when you are not shy at exposing your corset, but stealthing is the situation's demand. There can be so many such situations where stealthing is the very right option to go for.

●     Wedding:

If it is your wedding day, of course, you cannot think of wearing a corset over your wedding dress. Of course, many such brides break the norms. But if you are not among these and wish your wedding dress to be untouched, the only option you have to is to go for stealthing. You can choose a corset that suits your body structure, and that has a material in which you can get comfortable. Also, the corset should be something that does not make your wedding dress look awkward. If possible, you can even customize your wedding dress along with your corset so that you can wear it most conveniently.

●     Winters:

Many women find the winters to be the right way to stealthing. When the temperature is chilled outside, in place of wearing several warm clothes, you can wear a leather corset under your attire so that you can stay warm. Over this leather corset, you can wear whatever attire you wish to and can also wear your favourite winter wear to cherish the season. Check for the perfect leather corsets at the right place, such as Bunny Corset, so that you can stay comfortable in them.

The Trendy Corset Options

If you are someone who wishes to showoff the corset that you have just bought, you will surely wish to wear it over your dress. But will you wear any corset over any of your attire? Of course, you cannot wear a holographic corset over your formal shirts. Hence, it would help if you had an idea of which corset will suit which dressing style. You can have your wardrobe filled with several amazing corset options so that you can have different options for different costumes.

Apart from the usual underbust and overbust corset, you can come across several other options in corsets today. You can find corsets with the cold shoulder, sleeves, or even straps. Some corsets come with a shrug so that you can wear them comfortably as a top. You get corsets with different styling such as embroidery, sequins, sparkles, shines, and many others.


Whether you wish to wear corset over your dress or under depends on the situation, type of corset, and comfort zone. Luckily, today you can find an endless range and choice of corsets if you search at the right place, such as Bunny Corset. Just choose the right one as per your comfort zone, and you can start wearing them as per what you like.



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