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The Right Wear Way for Corset Fastening!

March 26 2022

The Right Wear Way for Corset Fastening!

The Right Wear Way for Corset Fastening!

Many of the teenage girls may think out loud that what is difficult in fastening a corset. But when you try to do it, you will understand that it requires a bit of tactic. If you are not fastening the corset in the right way, you can damage the corset and cause many other consequences. 

Earlier, women had maids who helped fasten the corsets and wore a corset was much convenient. But it is not quite possible today when you have to do everything all alone. 

Of course, you can ask for help from someone in the house. But for doing so, you need to know the right ways of fastening the corset yourself so that you can guide them through the method.

Why Should you use the Right Corset Fastening Method?

There can be many reasons why you should fasten the corset in the right way. Here are some of them that you should know about.

●     Ease of Wearing:

Corsets are not like the usual clothes that you can wear in whatever way you wish to with ease. It is not that wearing a corset will be a very difficult task. But it can be not easy if you are not wearing it in the right way. If you are not following the rules, you will end up struggling towards the end with the laces or the busks or the entire corset.

●     Uncomfortable to Wear:

If you are not wearing the corset properly or in the right way, you will start feeling uncomfortable and will keep on feeling the same throughout the day. You may have forced yourself inside the corset in a hurry. You may think that you will soon get comfortable with it. But you will realize that as time is passing, you are feeling even more uncomfortable in it.

●     Damage to Corset:

Corsets are made up of steel bones on which the desired fabrics are wrapped around. If you are forcing the corset to wear it, there is a potential chance that you will end up damaging the corset. Corsets are expensive, and you need to take extreme care of them to last for a long time. You need to store them in the right way and need to wear them in the right way not to damage them.

Corset Fastening Methods

If you are new to corsetry, you should learn the art of fastening the corsets first not to make any mistakes. Here are the steps that you should follow. 

  • Corset Hooking:

One of the most common mistakes that many people make is unlacing the corset and opening it without opening the hooks or busks in front of the corset. Also, some women may loosen the laces a bit and then unlock the hooks and open the corset. 

The ideal way is to completely unlace the corset and open up all the corset hooks or busks to remove it. 

Now when you put on the corset next time, you have first to hook the busks and then lace the corset. For hooking also, you have to follow the trick of hooking the middle busk first and then proceed towards the top and the bottom together. This way, the corset will stay in place.


  • Lacing and Tightening:

After you have hooked up the busks, it is time to lace up the corset and tighten it. Always try to get someone who can help you in lacing up the corset at your back. While fastening the laces, you should be careful as this the most eminent step in the corset. Here are some of the points that you should take care of. 

  • Let someone else fasten or tighten your corset's lace at the back while you hold the bottom edge of the corset firmly with your hands.
  • Guide the person to start lacing from the top and the bottom and proceed towards the centre together.
  • The lace's knot should be at the centre, where both the edges meet from the top and the bottom. 

Even after lacing properly, there can be chances that you do not feel comfortable in the corset. One of the major reasons can be that the corset may have risen towards the lungs. You should grab the bottom edges of the corset and pull towards the down in such a case. This will bring back the corset to its actual place on your body, and you should start feeling comfortable soon. 

Wearing a corset is not difficult if you know the tricks and ways of fastening it in the right way. Ensure that you follow the guidelines so that you do not damage the corset and do not hurt yourself in the process. Check out unique and stylish collections of corsets at Bunny corset.

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