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Why Should You Get Steel Boned Corset?

June 18 2021

Why Should You Get Steel Boned Corset?

Why Should You Get Steel Boned Corset?

If you are new to corsetry, you might often get attracted to the fancy styles and designs of the corsets. But is it just enough to check out the jazzy looks of the corset? If you are looking for a fashionable corset, you should look out for the factors such as fabric, styling, and looks. But you are looking for a corset that can help you reduce your waist size; you need to look for other options beyond styling. One of the most important factors that you should check out in such a case is the boning of the corset.

Why Corsets Have Bones?

Why do you think the corsets have bones? There are many reasons for this.

-The steel bones offer support to the fabric of the corset so that it does not tear off when you keep on tightening the corset.

-These bones are also responsible for keeping you in good posture by offering proper support to your back. When you have a good posture, it helps automatically in offering you a good figure.

-The steel bones also help in cinching the waist and abdomen by exerting pressure on the small organs to offer you an hourglass waistline.

History of Corset Boning:

To know about corset boning, you should know about the introduction of corsets and corset boning. Initially, actual whale bones were used in corsets. Experts mention that maybe it is from there that the name boning came up. But soon, whale bones got banned as whales started getting endangered. It was then when metal bones started being used.

Again, during World War, metals were getting used for manufacturing weapons, so there was a reduction in the manufacturing of corsets with metals.  

It was again after many years when corsets were introduced again with steel bones. Steel bones worked exactly in the same way how the actual whalebones did. Hence, they started getting quite popular among those women who wanted authentic waist training corsets. If you shop at a proper place such as Bunny Corset, you will get authentic steel-boned corsets.  

Some other fashion corset manufacturers manufacture corsets with plastic boning. But these are not acceptable as per the standards due to many reasons. The plastic corset boning is appropriate mainly for plastic purposes. But many women prefer to use steel-boned corsets even for fashion.

More About Steel Boning

There are different types again under the category of steel boning. These are flat steel bones and spiral steel bones, The flat bones are used to offer support, and hence they are places mainly at the back and the front that has to be straight always to maintain the posture. The spiral bones are flexible and are there to offer a bit of flexibility to your body. These spiral bones are mainly placed at the sides of the waistline. 

Some manufacturers use flat boning while others use spiral bones. Many manufacturers make use of both the boning to offer many efficient results. Bunny Corset is one such brand that offers corsets with flat as well as spiral boning in all its corsets.

The number of bones arranged in the corsets depends on the type of corset you are taking at Bunny Corset. If you are getting a corset just for waist-cinching, it will have 10 to 14 steel bones. But if you are getting a waist training corset, it will have more than 20 steel bones.

Why Are Steel Bones Beneficial?

So, the above discussions made it clear that steel bones are much popular among corset manufacturers and customers. But why are they so much popular? There are many benefits of steel bones over plastic boning when it is about corsets.

The plastic boning cannot mould in the way how steel bones can. Hence, if you will try to season or tighten the plastic bone corsets, the plastic bones can break and damage the corset and hurt you. But on the contrary, steel bones are exactly like whalebones. These can mould as per your body and hence are great at seasoning. They season well so that you can tighten the corset as much as you need without getting hurt or without damaging the corset. Thus, you can say that if you wish to gain benefits of waist-cinching or waist training, it is the steel-boned corsets that you require. But it from a legitimate place such as Bunny Corset to avoid any trouble at choosing the right corset for you.

Steel boned corsets are popular as customers are aware of the benefits that it has over other options such as plastic boning. Buying these steel-boned corsets from the right place, such as Bunny Corset, will let you choose from different options as per your requirement.