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Corsetry and Pregnancy - Some Important Facts to Know

March 11 2022

Corsetry and Pregnancy - Some Important Facts to Know

Corsetry and Pregnancy - Some Important Facts to Know

Many women have a habit of wearing corsets regularly and are planning to have a baby soon. These women have several questions in mind about corsetry and pregnancy. Even when you do not have a habit of wearing corsets, it is quite interesting to know the relationship between corsets and pregnancy. 

Corsets do offer you the joy of getting a body shape that you have always desired too. But getting pregnant is a joy of some other level that you cannot compare with some other thing. 

So, here are some of the major important facts that you should surely know about corsetry and pregnancy together.

The Good News!!

Now corsets do not have any such direct link with getting you pregnant. It is only that it can help you in several things.

●     Staying Healthy:

One of the most important things you need to do if you are trying to conceive is staying healthy. Often an extra pound of weight on your body can cause complications while you are pregnant. Corsets can help you reduce your extra pounds or maintain your healthy physique to stay healthy and conceive without complications.

●     Set the Mood:

Corsets are available today in different types, such as the lingerie corset. You can wear these lingerie corsets to set the mood and ignite the flames in your bedroom. Fill in your wardrobe with such taunting corsets and try out each one of them to enjoy the best moments and get pregnant one fine day. 

Many women have this misconception that wearing tight corsets may restrict conception. The fact is that there is nothing to do with the corsets and conception. You still can conceive even when you are waist training regularly.

When You are Pregnant:

So, finally, you have got pregnant. Now it is time to eat lots of healthy food, doing mild exercises, taking good care of yourself, and keeping all your corsets back in the wardrobe till childbirth.

Yes, when you have got pregnant, you cannot wear the corsets anymore. The corsets are there to exert pressure on your abdomen and waist. This means it will exert pressure on your baby.

Now here, a major misconception or a myth can get busted. Many doctors say that when you are pregnant, your baby exerts pressure on many of your internal organs, leading to a change in the position of these organs. But it does not have any bad impact on the mother. She healthily gives birth to the child and is healthy enough after it too. 

Many of the experts have said that corsets are dangerous because they exert pressure on the internal organs and make them change their position. 

So, when pregnancy is not dangerous, then how are corsets?

Corset After Pregnancy:

If you had a habit of regularly wearing your corsets and now you are pregnant, you must be thinking about when you can start wearing them again. So, this entirely depends upon your health condition. Ideally, you can start wearing a corset just after a couple of days of childbirth. But it is always advisable to have a talk with your doctor before starting it. 

Several women may have gone through some complicated surgeries that may take time to heal. In such a case, it may also take at least 2-3 months for the woman to resume back to corset wearing. 

But even when you have resumed back to wearing the corset, you should make sure that you do not start tightening the laces too hard since the start. Starting with the corsetry just after childbirth is like starting your corset experience as a fresher all over again. Here are some of the tips to follow. 

  • Start by wearing a corset just for a few hours, such as 3-4 hours a day, and then gradually increase the hours over a couple of days.
  • Start by wearing a loosely laced corset and keep on tightening slowly as the days go by.
  • Understand that you are weak after childbirth, even after a couple of weeks. Hence, you need to take proper care of yourself, such as eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, and taking proper sleep with your corsetry sessions.
  • Do not forget to take breaks in between by taking deep breathes and loosening the laces a bit in between. 

Corsets do not have a direct link with pregnancy. But suppose you are someone who has a regular habit of wearing it. In that case, you should know some important facts about corsets in regards to pregnancy. Understanding these facts will help you in staying away from many confusions that you might have.



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