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How the corset is shaping up to be fashion's latest trend in India?

July 01 2023

How the corset is shaping up to be fashion's latest trend in India?

How the corset is shaping up to be fashion's latest trend in India?

Do you remember how Rose’s mother was indirectly punishing Rose by tightening the corset laces in the famous movie Titanic? This was the story of almost every woman during the Edwardian Era.  

The modern-day corsets are pretty different from the earlier ones. Today, waist cinchers are not just a tool to train your waist but also stand as a powerful fashion accessory for women.  

The Era of Corsets

It was during the Edwardian Era when a straight and tall torso was considered a definition of a perfect woman. It was due to this reason women were forced to wear corsets. Soon, women started getting suffocating in them and slowly the momentum of breaking out the shackles of a waist training corset started spreading.  

For about a century, waist trainers were no more in the picture until 2021 when corset tops were introduced again by celebrities of TV shows and movies. The Covid lockdown helped a lot in making these corsets noticeable.  

Currently, not just you can train your waist in them but also you can get differently designed corset dresses to flaunt your toned waist in the most admirable way.  

Modern Waist Reducing Corsets

You must have surely noticed the modern-day corsets flaunted by different Bollywood and Silver screen celebrities from time to time. Most commonly, you must have seen an overbust corset that is paired up with a blazer or a shrug.  

Earlier, waist training in corsets seemed a punishment to most women because of the strict tradition of wearing it always. So, when the use of corsets was abolished by the end of the Edwardian Era, there was a sigh of relief everywhere.  

But things have changed today. Modern women have embraced corsets because there are so many modifications done to the modern corsets. Earlier, whale bones were used to manufacture corsets. The bones used to be extremely rigid and this caused severe complications at times. But now such rigid structures have been replaced by steel boned corset that are flexible and comfortable on the human body.  

Also, earlier there were no variations in the waist reducing corset options. But today, you can get these corsets in not just different designs but also in different styles, fabrics, and even structures. So, there is no specific restriction for women today to get an hourglass figure, rather today women get corsets according to their natural body type.  

Ocean of Designer Corsets

Corsets are no more a necessity today, it is a choice that different women make according to their needs. While some women still wish to go by the conventional way of dieting and working out, many others chose waist training to get into shape.  

Talking about popularity, underbust corset options are highly in demand because you can maintain the secret of waist training under your clothes. Whether you are getting an underbust or an overbust style, you can choose from different options according to your body type such as hourglass, curvy, waspie, and many others. 

But of course, an overbust style has its own charm and glamour.  

Corsets today are available in different options in terms of size, style, design, and fabric. The most common reason is that modern women want to look good and perfect even while waist training. Of course, flaunting an instant curvy shape is another reason for several designs being in demand today. While there are usual corsets available made up of cotton, leather corsets are also a hit currently.  

Customized Corsets

You might get corsets of several designs and types according to your choice and requirement, but it is always better to customize your corset to get that perfect fit. Bunny Corset India offers the facility of customization to its customers so that you can get the perfect corset according to your unique shape and structure.  

The process is quite easy in which you just need to offer your measurements according to the techniques that are provided on the website and then order the corset that you wish to have. The designers will manufacture the customized corset exactly according to the measurements and other information that you have provided.  

Since 2021, corsets are here to stay. Though earlier, corsets were a favourite piece for celebrities, today many women are considering the use of corsets to avail their benefits. 


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