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The Corset: Bollywood's Biggest Power Play

July 15 2023

The Corset: Bollywood's Biggest Power Play

The Corset: Bollywood's Biggest Power Play

Experts and historians have spoken and written a lot about the sufferings of Victorian women in corsets. Of course, there were reasons why the era of corsets came to an end. But soon taking inspiration from the waist training accessory, the concept of waist training corset has again returned. But while modern-day corsets have come up from the traditional corsets, there are huge differences between the corsets you are seeing today and the corsets whose descriptions are buried in the books of history. 

In India, any fashion trend starts with the Bollywood celebrities. So, how can the Bollywood divas stay behind in adopting the corset trend? Starting from corset tops to corset belts, Bollywood actresses have been experimenting with different options to look gorgeous.  

The Need of Time

Fitness and maintaining a good body are all that keep any actor or model surviving in the industry. These celebrities work hard to attain such a figure that we always dream of. Remember the zero figure that Kareena Kapoor got in the movie Tashan?  

When going by the trend is all that is needed, then getting an hourglass figure is something that celebrities are getting now. Whether it is Alia Bhatt, Shilpa Shetty, or Deepika Padukone, there is a long list of Bollywood beauties who have flaunted their waist cinchers in public.   

Today when the competition among celebrities is so stiff, the race for showing off the best look is always there. This has given rise to several customized corset dresses from some of the top fashion designers in the industry such as Manish Malhotra.  

When the Hollywood industry is styling in corsets, how come the Bollywood world is left behind? Celebrities such as Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt are leading the industry to match up with international stars such as Bella Hadid and Beyonce.  

Styling Worth the Pressure

Though modern-day steel-boned corset options are different than the actual corsets of the Victorian and Edwardian Era in terms of fabric styling, and comfort, it takes a lot of devotion and patience to be in one of these accessories. But wearing one of these options does not just raise the style quotient but also offers a number of other benefits too that can be clearly noticed in the person who is wearing it. 

  • Confidence:

Nothing can match you when you are high on your confidence. How do you think celebrities celebrate their sultry looks on a magazine cover or any other posture? It is only because they have maintained their confidence through their physical appearance. Wearing options such as an underbust corset raises this confidence bar even more when you are aware that you are looking absolutely stunning in that hourglass shape. 

  • Great Posture:

When you are having a great posture, it is enough to grab the attention of the crowd. An overbust corset is a perfect piece to maintain a perfect posture. When airport looks have become so much important for almost all celebrities, such corsets have become an important piece in their wardrobe too. Indeed, now you know how your favourite stars have got their perfect walk. 

  • Unique:

Looking unique is the technique that makes your favourite celebrity tops the list. There is no point in following the same trend that others are following. Hence, the superhit celebrities of the Bollywood industry need to be the trendsetter in place of being submissive to an ongoing trend. Vogue displayed Deepika Padukone’s white overbust corset look from Dolce and Gabbana. Again, Malaika Arora was noticed in a leather corset that was accompanied by a studded belt. 

While the concept of a waist-reducing corset is to reduce the size of the waist and to provide it a shape, probably that is an hourglass, Bollywood celebrities have also used it to get a stunning look. The corset also offers a proper posture and proportion to the whole body that enhances figure to the next level.   

Bunny Corset

The trend of corset in India was set by these Bollywood divas and now many women have started using them. Check out a collection of diverse designs and styles at Bunny Corset India to get amazed at how you can look when you have got a proper body shape, thanks to the Bollywood Corset options. 


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